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Welcome In Our website for Rig Crown Oilfields Services Company                       Welcome In Our website for Rig Crown Oilfields Services Company

It's with great pleasure to introduce our company which outlines in same details of who we are, Our company registered under Iraqi Government law (as per attached complete documents) from Ministry of trading, under registration No.( 000084270-02) dated on (10.July.2013), translated by legal translator (Mr.Ghazi S. Lilio), ID No# 14267, Member of Iraqi Translators Association and approved by I.T.A as well as approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs on (16.December.2013), also approved by Ministry of Oil/Legal Directorate as the letter No. (690) dated on (3.June.2013), as oil field services provider by a capital (2,000,000 IQD) (2 Billion IQD) as per attached registration certificate issued by Ministry of trading on (10.Juy.2013)..

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  • Investment in Oil and Electricity sector
    Oil and gas sector The company will rehabilitate the wells, and roads to it and work rules ingots and rehabilitation of concrete laying and welding of oil pipelines and the work stations and the development of gas fields. The electricity sector Our company of the leading companies in the implementation of contracts for electricity has implemented a variety of different projects in the province of Basra and the processing of electrical transformers ... Learn more
  •  Investment in Construction sector
     Construction works Our company has implemented a range of infrastructure development projects in Iraq such as implementation of Pavement and road construction and do the processing and installation of desalination plants and extending sewer pipes and the establishment of sewerage networks ....Learn more